About Concreate


An innovation in flooring Concreate was born from a brief, which asked for a sustainable and more environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional floor coverings. Whilst also being quicker and more economical to install than conventional poured concrete systems.

Eco- Solution

Each Concreate concrete panel is produced using the latest machine technology to engineer what is ultimately a natural product that is fully biodegradable. There are no harmful chemicals used in the production of Concreate, which is situated next to the source of the raw materials the bulk of which are minerals such as magnesium oxide and cement. These natural minerals are mixed and pressed with natural fibres and layers of recycled textiles.

Natural Finish

The resulting Concreate panels are set outside to air cure, giving each surface a unique patination as only occurs in nature. Once cured the panels are kilned to produce an ultra durable floor that is both tactile and aesthetically pleasing. The aesthetic qualities are further enhanced with a machine application of Danish oil, which seals the floor and allows for straight, forward maintenance making life easy.

Under Floor Heating

Able to absorb and maintain ambient temperature Concreate concrete floors are ideal for under floor heating, storing the warmth and optimizing the energy efficiency of the heating system.

Natural White Wall and Floor Panels