Installation & Specifications


Concreate floor and wall panel collection is a completely new alternative to both traditional floor surfaces such as carpet and tiles and painted plaster walls. They are both easy to keep clean and maintain. They do however require specialist installers and specialist cutting tools and Concreate proprietary (glue for wall panels).

From time to time the coating on the floor will need to be re-oiled to keep the floor looking and performing its best.

Installers should note that both small powder & oil repair kits are available for each colour to fill holes, dents and chips etc. that may occur during installation. The oil is used to re-colour the repairs and for ongoing small touch-ups. These items should be ordered prior to installation and left on the job.

Concreate wall panels are 1200 x 600 x 4mm and are supplied with 5 panels per pack (3.6 m2/pack)

Concreate floor panels are 1200 x 300 x 14/4mm and are supplied with 2 panels per pack (0.72 m2/pack)


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  • Glued onto 9mm or thicker pinned ply with moisture barrier underneath.
  • Glued and weighted on to glued acoustic mats.
  • Directly stuck and weighted to a slab where sub-floor heating is being used.
  • Directly stuck and weighted to a slab
  • Glued onto structural ply laid over joists.
  • Glued onto acoustic mat over structural ply over joists.
  • Glued onto 6mm ply laid over existing timber.
  • Glued directly if being laid perpendicular to existing timber floor.
  • Over a formed staircase use matched pre-finished stair nosings and floor panels for treads and risers.
  • Glued onto ply-lined walls.




  • Regular cleaning will prevent dirt and grit from wearing and scratching your floor. An electrostatic mop can be used to get rid of loose dirt and dust or you can vacuum (make sure the head won’t scratch your floor). Contact us directly for recommendations on cleaning & maintenance as this product is coated with an oil coating it will need to be maintained).
  • Do not under any circumstances use any bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaners (e.g. regular household cleaners like Domestos and White King) as this can weaken the coating and could cause colour distortion and the high likelihood of staining.
  • Felt feet and protective pads should be used on all furniture prior to moving in to prevent scratching.
  • Rugs and hall runners provide additional protection, particularly in heavy traffic areas, like entry points.
  • Fats, including oils and other greasy foods can be extremely penetrating and can leave permanent marks. We strongly recommend avoiding leaving any spills of this nature. Clean up immediately – please contact us for cleaning products that we recommend for spot cleaning.