Environment & Safety

Environmental Considerations

Harper & Sandilands are focused on both environmental & safety aspects in the supply of timber flooring. We engineer our boards utilising fast growing plantation timbers that are all sustainably harvested. The plantation timbers which don’t ever get seen are used to make up the engineered base as they are a far greener option than wasting precious species in substrate. For our slower growing timbers such as Oak and Teak, we use a process which minimises the wear layer of these timbers to just the top 3-6 mm of the board to maximise their usability.

Safety Considerations

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Our water-based, UV-cured finishes are not only extremely long-lasting but contain nearly zero VOC emissions. Australian Standard test results are available on request (ASTM D5116).

Formaldehyde Emissions

The Royal Oak Floor Collection has been tested for formaldehyde emission and is significantly below the required standard. Test results are available on request (06-462B /AP 1426/015/06).

Fire Rating

The Royal Oak Floor Collection has been tested to Australian Standards and meets critical radiant flux requirements. Test results are available on request (7-560495-CV).


We are always looking for new, innovative ways to make our products greener and more sustainable in order to protect and safeguard our planet’s future. If you’re environmentally conscious, you can trust Royal Oak Floors to share your passion.