Our Burnished Gold is composed of a Teak timber top layer bonded on to an engineered base to ensure stability. This rich and beautiful timber is enhanced by the handwork of Artisans who facet, scrape, distress and polish each board. It is a slow process but the results are there forever. The teak is sourced from fallen cyclone-damaged trees along the South American coasts. It has a mid-toned golden brown colour finished to a level similar to a piece of 18th Century furniture with a distressed polished surface.

The boards are tongue and grooved on ends and sides. They are sold with a P.U. coating. 30% of product is sold as random shorts and product is feature graded which means most boards exhibit knots.

Available sizes:
180mm W x 2400mm L x 21mm D
230mm W x 2400mm L x 21mm D
310mm W x 2400mm L x 21mm D

Teak is a slow growing and beautiful natural resource. By using a 4mm top layer of Teak instead of solid board the valuable Teak species that is used stretches three times further. Note that the top layer will vary in thickness due to the hand finish. The engineered substrate is made from fast growing plantation timbers and provides a solid and incredibly stable base for the board.

Timber is a natural product. Colour will vary from printed versions and samples. Boards will vary across every floor. It is this variation that gives timber its natural beauty and appeal.