oak timber flooring
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Smoked & Black (Sample)

Uniting a smoked base colour with a black grain highlight, Smoked & Black is a timeless interior favourite. The deeper tones lend a mature, traditional aesthetic that works beautifully in contrast to modern minimalism or as part of a more classic interior, while still providing a hardworking floor well-suited to everyday family living.

Available sizes:
158mm W x 1830mm L x 10mm D
189mm W x 1830mm L x 15mm D
260mm W x 2200mm L x 15mm D
189mm W x 1830mm L x 20mm D
260mm W x 2200mm L x 20mm D

Herringbone and Chevron also available.

  • 158mm x 10mm
  • 189mm x 15mm
  • 260mm x 15mm
  • 189mm x 20mm
  • 260mm x 20mm