Smoked Timber Flooring

Rich and hearty, yet sophisticated and smooth. The smoked tone of this flooring gracefully brings the soft tonal variations of oak to the forefront, offering a gently updated take on a traditional favourite. Warm honey tonescome to the fore, tempered by the sleek finish and natural characteristics of the timber.

* Maximum 3 samples per customer.


Profile Sizes


190mm W x 1900mm L x 15mm D
260mm W x 2200mm L x 15mm D
190mm W x 1900mm L x 20mm D
260mm W x 2200mm L x 20mm D


148mm W x 888mm L x 15mm D
90mm W x 450mm L x 15mm D


90mm W x 520mm L x 15mm D


Data Sheet

Product data sheets contain all the technical details required when specifying our engineered timber.

Care & Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance is essential to keeping your floors in pristine condition. We recommend the natural range of WOCA products and stock the complete range. Download our guide to caring for your floors.


We use only the world’s most beautiful European Oak timber to produce the highest quality flooring and cladding.

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Why choose smoked oak flooring?

Our smoked oak flooring exudes a warm yet sophisticated aesthetic, with rich honey hues accented by natural timber characteristics and tempered by a sleek, lacquered finish. For those seeking timber flooring that marries the tonal variations of European oak with a contemporary finish, our smoked oak flooring is an ideal choice.

As with all our engineered oak flooring, our smoked oak timber flooring is crafted from sustainable European oak and PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), meaning that the supply chain is closely managed to promote sustainable forestry practices.

What colour palette does smoked oak flooring go with?

The rich honey tones of our smoked oak flooring are beautifully complemented by other warm hues, or can be used to add depth to a contemporary neutral colour palette.

For inspiration on how to incorporate smoked oak flooring into your space, take a look at our D+L South Yarra and Malvern Residence projects.

Is smoked oak flooring easy to clean?

Our smoked oak flooring can be cleaned regularly using WOCA Master Cleaner, which is specially formulated for maintaining lacquered finish wood floors.

For a deeper clean, WOCA Master Care Wood Floor Refresher can be used to smoothen small scratches, increase the resistance of the surface and provide effective protection against wear. This extends to the lifetime of the surface or floor. Because Master Care does not build up a thick coating, you can use the product whenever it is required.