Antique Ale Brown Oak Floorboards

Named for its rich ale colouring, Antique Ale Brown exudes a rustic, textural character. The natural elements of the boards are elevated through hand working, hand scraping, hand pegging and wire brushing in order to bring the rich grain texture of the timber to the fore. Created with distressed European Oak, Antique Ale Brown is a statement design choice, demonstrating the timelessness of rustic timber flooring.

* Maximum 3 samples per customer.


Profile Sizes


189mm W x 1830mm L x 18mm D


Data Sheet

Product data sheets contain all the technical details required when specifying our engineered timber.

Care & Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance is essential to keeping your floors in pristine condition. We recommend the natural range of WOCA products and stock the complete range. Download our guide to caring for your floors.


We use only the world’s most beautiful European Oak timber to produce the highest quality flooring and cladding.

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Why choose antique oak flooring?

Our Antique Ale Brown oak flooring instantly adds warmth and character to any space. With its rich ale hue and rustic, textural finish, the natural characteristics of our European oak floorboards are brought to life through hand-worked, hand-scraped and wire-brushed detailing. For anyone seeking the timeless aesthetic of rustic timber, our Antique Ale Brown oak flooring is the ideal choice.

As with all our engineering oak flooring, our Antique Ale Brown flooring is crafted from sustainable European oak and PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), meaning that the supply chain is closely managed to promote sustainable forestry practices.

How to style our Antique Ale Brown oak flooring?

Antique Ale Brown oak flooring works beautifully alongside rustic statement pieces, brushed metals, leather furniture, cosy throws and rugs to exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Equally, pairing with sleek, modern furnishings and décor creates an eclectic aesthetic that combines the natural look and feel of timber with contemporary styling.

Is antique oak flooring easy to clean?

Our antique oak flooring can be cleaned regularly using WOCA Natural Soap, which is specially formulated for maintaining oiled wood floors. For a deeper clean, WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap can be used to replenish your antique oak floors every three or six months, depending on traffic and wear and tear.