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Our Oak & Timber Floorboards


Discover our collections of engineered timber flooring curated for Australia’s most beautiful spaces. Royal Oak Floors Architect Collection and Artisan Collection offer the highest quality flooring ín a range of colours to suit any project.

Choose from a variety of oak and timber floorboard colours to suit your space 


Royal Oak Floors has over 10 years’ experience manufacturing the highest quality engineered floorboards to match any style, taste or aesthetic. Our collections of engineered oak floorboards showcase the unique colours and features of oak to elevate any interior space. 


Explore a diverse palette of tones and textures, from soft, light shades to bold, rich hues. Our oak and timber floorboards are crafted from sustainably harvested plantation timbers.

Order free timber floorboard samples online today

Preparing for a flooring project or considering upgrading your space? Order free timber floorboard samples online and find the perfect shade and texture to suit your aesthetic.

How to order:


  1. Select a finish, e.g. Danish White.
  2. Click ‘Request for Sample’.
  3. Select up to a maximum of three finishes.
  4. Click the cart icon to check out.


Not sure where to start or want to see our floorboards in person? Visit one of our timber flooring showrooms in Sydney or Melbourne or get in touch to discuss your project.

FAQs & Advice

What is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered timber flooring is constructed with a thin layer of timber (usually ranging from 3-6mm) known as a ‘veneer’ (in our case European Oak) coated with a protective finish, on top of a thicker base known as a ‘substrate’. This multi-ply cross lamination construction makes the flooring less susceptible to expansion and contraction with temperature and humidity changes. We utilise fast growing plantation timbers for a far more sustainable product. These are cross-laminated to provide greater stability.

What is oak flooring?

Oak flooring is constructed with wood from oak trees. Oak makes an excellent flooring material due its wide variety of available colours and grades, durability and sustainability.


Solid oak floorboards are made out of a single piece of oak wood, whereas engineered oak flooring uses a top layer of oak wood bonded to a cross laminated thicker base – making it less likely to expand and contract with temperature changes. 

How to clean floorboards?

  1. Use a soft-bristle broom, microfibre cloth or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush head to pick any dust and dirt. 
  2. Use a timber-friendly mop (cotton is best) and cleaner to wipe down the surface of your floorboards. We recommend WOCA Natural Soap for oiled wood floors and WOCA Master Cleaner for lacquered finish wood floors. Never use any domestic cleaning products as these tend to be caustic and could easily damage the coating. pH neutral is best.


Very dirty floors can be cleaned with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner before applying everyday use cleaner.


For areas where floors receive average wear and tear, we recommend cleaning timber flooring once a week. More frequent cleaning may be required for high-traffic areas or homes with pets. Mats at entry points is an ideal way to trap excess dirt and grit.

Are floorboards expensive?

The cost of floorboards in Australia vary depending on the species and coatings, the size of the flooring area and the grading. Royal Oak Floors’ floorboards are available in three grades:


  • Mixed grade – our standard range and contains larger and more frequent knot content compared to the Premium grade. It contains some colour variation and variable grain pattern.
  • Feature grade –  typically exhibits much more frequent and larger knots. Also features character such as cracks (filled), sapwood, variation in grain pattern and colour. The most character filled flooring we carry.
  • Premium grade – considered a cleaner look with minimal knots and variation. It is the highest grade of flooring we provide.

Get in touch with our flooring experts for an estimate on the cost of your project.

How to care for floorboards?

Follow these tips to keep your oak and timber floorboards looking their best: 


  • Every 2-3 days, do a simple sweep with a soft-bristle broom or microfibre cleaner to remove dust and dirt.
  • Once a week, use a timber-friendly mop and cleaner to wipe down the surface of your floorboards. 
  • For spot repairs, use a repair oil on oiled or lacquered timber floors. Rub repair oil on the damaged floor using a lint-free cloth and buff off immediately. Let dry for 24 hours before re-applying if necessary.
  • Use a floor cleaner sprayed on a damp cloth to remove scuffs and marks.
  • Avoid scratches to your oak floor by putting felt pads under chair and table legs.
  • Protect floors from harsh sunlight. Install UV film on windows and draw curtains and blinds. UV light will damage any floor over time.

Are floorboards durable?

Yes! If properly maintained, floorboards are durable and can last for decades.