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Dark Timber Flooring

Discover our collection of dark timber flooring, expertly crafted to elevate your next project. With a range of bold, deep hues available, our dark oak flooring is beautifully finished to add a dramatic, sophisticated atmosphere to any interior space.

Our dark timber floors are manufactured from high-quality sustainable European oak harvested from fast-growing plantation timbers. 

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With more than a decade of experience manufacturing high-quality engineered timber floorboards, our dark flooring exudes expert craftsmanship and is thoughtfully finished to highlight the unique colours and features of oak. 


Explore a diverse palette of dark tones and textures, from muted antique hues to striking deep tones. All flooring in this collection has a range of matte and satin finishes as well as a variety of board sizes including wide boards, herringbone and chevron, perfect for creating your individual style.

Make a statement with dark timber flooring

Deep, rich and bold, our dark timber flooring adds contrast and character to any space. Enjoy the textural beauty of natural oak complemented in a range of striking dark hues, from antique brown to mink grey and moody black. 


For those who covet the aesthetic of dramatic flooring, our dark timber floor collection offers exceptional richness and the perfect canvas to bring your design concept to life.

How to style dark timber floorboards

Elegant, dark flooring sets the stage for impactful interior design. Choose a complementary neutral colour palette on the lighter side of the colour wheel to create a striking contrast and open up the space. 


If you’re looking for something even bolder, dark floors are versatile enough to be paired with vibrant colours: think a bold teal sofa complete with oversized patterned cushions and a statement shag rug. 

Order a free sample of our dark timber floorboards

Considering upgrading your space or preparing for a flooring project? Order free dark floorboard samples online and find the ideal shade and texture to suit your aesthetic.


How to order:


  1. Select a finish, e.g. Peppercorn Grey.
  2. Click ‘Request for Sample’.
  3. Select up to a maximum of three finishes.
  4. Click the cart icon to check out.


Not sure where to start or prefer to see our floorboards in person? Visit one of our timber flooring showrooms in Sydney or Melbourne or get in touch to discuss your project.

Dark timber floor FAQs

Can I polish dark timber floors?

Yes, Royal Oak Floors’ oiled and lacquered dark timber floors can be resanded and polished several times if required. Our floorboards have a long lifespan and are expertly manufactured to stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance.

How often do I have to clean dark timber floors?

For areas where floors receive average wear and tear, we recommend cleaning dark timber flooring once a week. More regular cleaning may be required for high-traffic areas or homes with pets. Mats at entry points are an ideal way to trap excess dirt and grit.


Not sure which product is right for your dark floors? Explore our range of floor cleaning products, with options available for both oiled and lacquered floors.

What colours can you style with dark timber floors?

Dark timber floors are beautifully complemented by a light, neutral colour palette or contrasted against vibrant hues. The decision is entirely up to you and there aren’t any hard and fast rules about designing your decor around dark flooring. Our range of dark timber floors encompasses a versatile range of shades – so you can find the perfect match for your aesthetic. Looking for styling inspiration? View our project gallery to see how our dark flooring has been styled by architects and designers.