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Our Timber Flooring Resources

Timber is a natural product. Colours can and may vary from images shown from actual samples. Boards will vary across every floor in colour, tone and knot frequency. Variation gives timber its natural beauty and appeal. Please understand approximately 30% of orders come in random short lengths and our timber is supplied in mixed grade, feature grade and premium grade.


Clean and treat your timber floor with the right products to protect the finish and ensure their longevity. Find out how to clean and maintain your Royal Oak Floors.


Our board thicknesses range from 10mm up to 20mm. Not all colours available in all thicknesses. Please contact us for details.

Multi-ply construction. 6mm Oak Layer with 14mm base.

3 layer construction. 4mm Oak Layer with 11mm base.

Multi-ply construction. 3mm Oak Layer with 7mm base.


Mixed grade is our standard range and contains larger and more frequent knot content compared to the Premium grade. It contains some colour variation and variable grain pattern.

Feature grade typically exhibits much more frequent knots and also larger knots. They also feature character such as cracks (filled), sapwood, variation in grain pattern and colour. The most character filled flooring we carry.

Premium grade is considered a cleaner look with minimal knots & variation. It is the highest grade of flooring we provide. Note that this is not a standard stock item.


Our Data Sheets include all the technical details of our products including measurements, material composition and test results.


Our brochure contains our full range of quality engineered timber flooring as well as inspirational project imagery.