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Light Timber Flooring


Explore our collection of light timber flooring, thoughtfully curated to elevate Australia’s most beautiful spaces. With a range of elegant, understated hues available, our light oak flooring is expertly finished to add an airy, sophisticated ambience to any room.

Our range of light timber floors is crafted from high-quality sustainable European oak harvested from fast-growing plantation timbers.

Choose from our range of light timber flooring shades 


With over 10 years’ experience manufacturing the highest quality engineered floorboards, our light timber flooring is expertly crafted and finished to highlight the unique colours and features of oak. 


Discover a diverse palette of light tones and textures, from soft, cool shades to warm, honey hues. All flooring in this collection has a range of matte and satin finishes as well as a variety of board sizes including wide boards, herringbone and chevron, perfect for creating your individual style.

Why light floorboards are the perfect colour for any space

One of the biggest benefits of light floors is their ability to brighten and open up any space. Our range of light oak flooring is available in a diverse variety of hues and textures, so you can find the perfect shade and finish to suit your project.


Whether you’re looking for a coastal Hamptons theme, a modern Scandinavian design or anything in between, our light oak flooring collection offers exceptional versatility to transform any space. 

Order a free sample of our light floorboards online 

Planning a flooring project or considering upgrading your space? Order free light floorboard samples online and find the ideal shade and texture to suit your aesthetic.

How to order:


  1. Select a finish, e.g. Danish White.
  2. Click ‘Request for Sample’.
  3. Select up to a maximum of three finishes.
  4. Click the cart icon to check out.


Not sure where to start or prefer to see our light floorboards in person? Visit one of our timber flooring showrooms in Sydney or Melbourne or get in touch to discuss your project.

Light timber floor FAQs

How easy is it to clean light timber flooring?

Our range of light timber flooring is designed to be easily cleaned using specialised floor cleaning products. For regular cleaning of oil-finished floors, we recommend using WOCA Natural Soap or for deeper cleans we recommend using WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap every 3 or 6 months, depending on traffic.

For regular cleaning of lacquered floors, we recommend using WOCA Master Cleaner. WOCA Master Care Wood Floor Refresher which can be used every 3 or 6 months to refresh lacquered floors and buff small scratches.

Does light timber flooring mark easily?

This depends on several factors, such as the type of timber and finish used. In general, matte finishes tend to show fewer marks than satin finishes. The quality of the timber and finish will also affect how easily it shows marks.


At Royal Oak Floors, our light timber flooring is crafted from high-quality European oak, expertly crafted to stand the test of time with regular cleaning and maintenance.

What decor colours can you style with light timber floors?

Light timber floors are incredibly versatile, meaning you can style them with any colour palette that suits your aesthetic. Honey-hued light flooring works wonderfully with warmer tones or to contrast a neutral palette, while grey and white timber flooring pairs beautifully with cooler colours or juxtaposed against vibrant shades.