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Timber Flooring Adelaide

Bringing over a decade of expertise in delivering premium engineered oak timber flooring solutions, Royal Oak Floors extends its commitment to crafting sustainable and captivating floorboards to Adelaide.

Connect with our flooring specialists to receive complimentary product samples, aiding you in selecting the perfect colour and finish to suit the interior design goals for your space. 

Discover our unique range

From high-quality engineered timber flooring in Adelaide to a wide range of cleaning products, we are passionate about crafting impeccable spaces with a multitude of solutions.

  • Timber flooring — Our timber flooring in Adelaide is famous for its enduring strength, hassle-free maintenance and natural visual appeal. Spanning a wide spectrum of shades and finishes, including the sought-after herringbone and chevron parquetry patterns, there’s bound to be a flooring option in our range that’s perfect for your space.

We are also committed to sustainability. Our oak timber flooring in Adelaide is derived from renewable forests and used in such a way that ensures maximal utility and minimal waste.

  • Trims and moulding — Our unique collection of matching solid oak mouldings and trims, such as stair nosings, corner mouldings and cover strips, allows your elegant floorboards to be used for ceilings, walls and even cabinetry.
  • Cleaning products — Beyond offering premium timber flooring in Adelaide, Royal Oak Floors also offers an extensive array of cleaning solutions. Ranging from natural soaps for everyday use to quick-acting floor polish, we provide you with all the essentials to preserve your flooring beauty and strength.

For a firsthand look at the beauty and quality of our engineered timber flooring in Adelaide, we welcome you to visit our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Our team, known for their expertise and friendliness, will be there to help you navigate through our collection and address any inquiries.

Examples of our work

Our engineered timber flooring has been used in a wide range of residential and commercial projects by Australia’s best architects and designers. With results like the ones seen at Number 14 Heathpool, Dulwich House and Wilkinson Avenue, be inspired by how the natural beauty of oak was interwoven throughout these amazing projects.

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We are passionate about creating flawless spaces with our premium engineered timber flooring in Adelaide. Unwaveringly dedicated to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, you can trust Royal Oak Floors as a leader in the industry. 

Explore our extensive resources for more information, and get in touch with us today for a sample request. Our team is available to answer any questions, provide free estimates and even organise a virtual consultation.